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5. Millenium Club

The Millennium Club

Initially formed as the 100 Club several years ago the idea was to raise essential monies for club development by selling shares at £1 each per month with quarterly prize draws for its members.

The 100 Club soon became the Millennium Club thanks to Ex-Club President Derek Hunter with Kathryn Mellor coordinating the prize draws and membership.

Increasing the number of shares to 1000 allowing more revenue for the club and also increased the prize pot available (prize monies increase as the membership total increases).

Basically for every share sold in the Millennium Club 50 pence goes to the Club Development Fund and fifty pence to the prize money.

Membership shares vary in total from 1 to 20 per person. It does not matter how much you contribute every penny helps.

What has the Millennium Club Contributed towards?

  • Provision of floodlights
  • Purchase a scrum machine
  • Helped a long overdue re- vamp of the electrics
  • Pays towards the Annual fee from the British Waterways for our key to unlock the gate on the bridge.
  • Steps from the clubhouse to the pitches
  • New furniture in the clubhouse
  • Secure metal gates to the changing room doors and fire exit

It is also an instrumental part of the Club Development

How do I join?

  • Click on the Membership and Standing Order Forms, fill them in and return to Brodie Howatson by post.
  • Membership shares start at £1 a month, remember the more you have the greater your chance of winning!!!

What can I win?

  • Prizes currently start range from £10 to £250

Who can join?


  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work Colleagues

Winners are notified by post and a list of prize draw winners can be found on the club website.


Millenium Club Form 2016